ServerStadium - Empowering Your Business with Premium Cloud VM Solutions

At ServerStadium, we provide secure, scalable, and customizable Cloud Virtual Machine (VM) Instances. We are dedicated to empowering your business with a high-availability infrastructure, robust security measures, and flexible options, all designed to optimize performance and minimize downtime.

Key Advantages:

  • []Efficient Cost Management: Pay only for the resources you utilize with our cost-effective pay-per-use model, an ideal choice for businesses of all scales.
    []Intuitive Control: Easily manage your infrastructure with our user-friendly portal, designed to offer quick access to potent tools and solutions.
    []Swift Deployment: Scale up your resources in response to business demands with our rapid provision feature.
    []Adaptable Scalability: Adjust effortlessly to evolving business requirements with our highly flexible solutions.
    []Superior Security: Trust in our industry-leading security features like VPN, SSH-Key, Firewall, Load Balancer and more to protect your data and infrastructure.
    []24/7 Support: Depend on our expert support team, available round-the-clock, to provide personalized assistance and seamless business operations.

Cloud VM Instance Packages:

Package vCPU RAM (GB) Storage (GB) Bandwidth (TB) Price (USD) Zones
x-small 1 1 20 3 $6 SEA
small-r2 1 2 40 3 $12 SEA
small-c2 2 2 80 3 $14 SEA
small-r4 2 4 80 3 $24 SEA
medium-r8 4 8 100 3 $48 SEA
medium-c6 6 8 100 3 $50 SEA
large-r16 6 16 200 3 $82 SEA

large-scale? We offer custom and larger packages tailored to your specific requirements.

What's Included in ServerStadium's Virtual Machine Package:

  • []Public IP
    []SSH Key
    []VPN (Private VPC VPN access)
    []VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)
    []DNS Management
    []Simple Cloud Panel
    []24/7 E-mail Support
    []99.99% SLA Uptime
    []High Availability
    []Usage Monitoring
    []Data Transfer Bundled

At ServerStadium, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to elevate your business with secure and flexible cloud infrastructure. We equip you with the tools you need, from Cloud VM Instances to VM Backup, Snapshot, Load Balancer, VPC, VPN, and beyond.

Cloud VM Instance - Secure, Scalable, and Customizable

Our Cloud Virtual Machine (VM) Instances deliver high-availability infrastructure, full DC-grade SSDs, and robust security measures. With options to customize processors, memory, and storage, you can manage resources, scale up as needed, and maximize your IT infrastructure's efficiency. Enjoy fast provisioning times and best-in-class security measures to ensure superior performance and protection.

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Secure Your Infrastructure with VM Backup and Snapshot

Protect your valuable infrastructure with our VM Backup and Snapshot features. Set scheduled backups or enhance your backup strategy with Acronis Backup from our marketplace. Rest easy knowing your data is safe, secure, and backed up with advanced security measures and encryption. With VM Snapshot, capture the state of your VM at any given moment, facilitating easy rollbacks and ensuring your infrastructure's availability.

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Boost Performance with Load Balancer

Enhance the uptime and performance of your applications with our Load Balancer. Distribute incoming network traffic across multiple servers to guarantee a seamless user experience. Our user-friendly Load Balancer offers customization options for traffic distribution and routing rules, catering to businesses of all sizes.

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Secure and Simplify Your Cloud Environment with VPC and VPN

Streamline cloud management and boost security with our Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) solution. Create an isolated and secure network while managing your resources flexibly. Our VPC solution provides advanced security features, ensuring the safety of your data and applications.

Build your own secure, easy-to-deploy virtual private network with our VPN solution. Experience secure remote access to your network from anywhere, backed by advanced security measures and fast deployment.

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At ServerStadium, we deliver exceptional services and reliable support. Our certified engineers are available 24/7 to provide expert guidance and technical expertise.

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