The best performing dedicated servers with no setup fees, get started within two hours! Both Intel and AMD enthusiasts that crave fixed configurations, ideal for a wide range of storage scenarios, from databases to file server. Also, did we mention that these configurations are brand-new?

AMD EPYC servers offer significant performance benefits, including larger core count, more PCIe lanes, and a larger L3 cache. This boosts data throughput, making you spend less resources, resulting in reduced overall costs. If you are more comfortable with Intel, what better choice to make than the latest Intel Xeon E-2336 CPU? This processor boasts up to 23% higher memory speeds in comparison to its predecessor (E-2200 series).

At Worldstream, we utilize our own data centers to ensure maximum uplink speeds and network uptime. Our global network backbone provides uninterrupted low latency connections to all parts of the world. With over 15 years of experience in the hosting industry, certified engineers are available 24/7 to help you with any questions, with an average response time of just 7 minutes.

Single Disk Storage
Dell PowerEdge R250
Uniform Storage
Dell PowerEdge R6515
Strong Storage
Dell PowerEdge R6515
Processor Intel Xeon E-2336
6 cores, 12 threads, 2.90Ghz
24 cores, 48 threads, 2.80Ghz
24 cores, 48 threads, 2.80Ghz

Memory 64GB 64GB 256GB
Storage 4x 8TB HDD 4x 8TB HDD 2x 1.92TB Enterprise SSD
RAID-config Single Disks Hardware RAID-5 Hardware RAID-1

Network 1 Gbit/s guaranteed speed (100TB included)UPGRADEABLE 1 Gbit/s guaranteed speed (100TB included)UPGRADEABLE 1 Gbit/s guaranteed speed (100TB included)UPGRADEABLE
IP addresses 1 IP (max 6 IP addresses) 1 IP (max 6 IP addresses) 1 IP (max 6 IP addresses)
Location Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands

Base price 132.00/mo
To configuration 🡒 To configuration 🡒 To configuration 🡒

All the above listed servers are Instant Delivery, meaning that these servers are non-customizable and not upgradeable. Find all our Instant Deliver servers here. Rather have it your way? We know that a demanding application requires a more custom approach. So, opt for a fully customizable server instead. See all options here, and select only what you require.

Can I test the network quality?
✔ Looking Glass, see Worldstream's route to your location via this link.
✔ Test file, test the upload and download speed with this file.
✔ Test IP, the following IP address can be used to test latency:

Included with these instant delivery servers:
✔ 40 Gbit/s Anti-DDoS: included with option to scale.
✔ 1 IP address: additional IP’s requestable.
Backed by a global network backbone of 10 Tbit/s.
✔ 24/7/365 support and remote hands: we respond to all your questions within 7 minutes on average.
Selection of a wide variety of Linux and Windows based operating systems.

Nice to know:
You can use a wide range of payment methods (PayPal, Credit card, Bank transfer, and more).
15+ years’ knowledge of and experience with data centers, servers, and network management.
Join our reseller-program for channel partners and affiliated business segments.
Additional discount when you choose a quarterly (2%), bi-annually (4%), or yearly plan (6%).
cPanel and DirectAdmin license available for an additional fee.

Not exactly what you were looking for? Check out our mix of fully customizable servers here and instantly deployed servers here.

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