Hello WHT Members!

Leapswitch is proud to announce our new line of affordable Self-Managed Cloud VPSes spread all over the world!

Why Leapswitch Networks?

  • 32 core servers with 512GB RAM and SSDs in RAID10 for maximum performance and uptime.
  • We own the Servers and Network equipment. We do not rent servers from other providers.
  • We are in business since 2006 (16+ years)
  • We are a registered company in India and USA - Leapswitch Networks Pvt. Ltd in India and Leapswitch Networks, Inc in USA - employing 30 personnel for technical support and pre-sales.
  • We provide True 24x7 Technical Support via Phone, Live chat and Support tickets. Call us now - +91 9595 233 556
  • We provide a 30-minute response time guarantee

Our Linux Cloud VPS Plans -

Plan RAM vCPU SSD Space Bandwidth Price
LUVM- 2G 2GB 1 30GB 500 GB $5/mo
LUVM- 4G 4GB 2 60GB 1 TB $10/mo
LUVM- 8G 8GB 3 100GB 2 TB $20/mo
LUVM-16G 16GB 4 200GB 4 TB $40/mo
LUVM-32G 32GB 6 400GB 5 TB $80/mo
LUVM-48G 48GB 8 600GB 6 TB $120/mo
LUVM-64G 64GB 12 800GB 7 TB $160/mo
LUVM-96G 96GB 16 1200GB 8 TB $240/mo
LUVM-128G 128GB 20 1600GB 9 TB $320/mo
LUVM-192G 192GB 24 2400GB 10 TB $480/mo
LUVM-256G 256GB 32 3200GB 11 TB $640/mo
LUVM-384G 384GB 48 4800GB 12 TB $960/mo

We offer following locations for VPS Hosting- Click Here to Compare plans

  1. Mumbai, India
  2. Barcelona, Spain
  3. Lisbon, Portugal
  4. Frankfurt, Germany
  5. Asheville, USA
  6. Los Angeles, USA
  7. Kiev, Ukraine

We also offer Windows Cloud Servers in Mumbai, India - View Windows Cloud Server Plans

All plans come with -

  • Virtualizor Panel to reboot, reinstall, take console
  • Additional IPs (optional)
  • Control Panel licenses (optional) - DirectAdmin and cPanel
  • Backups (optional) - FTP or Acronis
  • rDNS for main IP
  • 2 months free on Annual Billing

We accept following payment methods -

  • PayPal
  • Credit/debit cards via Stripe
  • Indian Credit Cards/Debit Cards/Net Banking via EBS and Instamojo
  • Cheque / cash deposit or NEFT
  • Wire transfers / ACH to USA or India based accounts

We look forward to hosting you!

Thank you,