Thank you for taking some of your time to review Host Color’s Public Cloud Servers.

Compare Cloud Service Providers - HostColor to AWS & Azure - to find out what can we do for your business.

Unlike AWS and Azure:
  • We do not charge clients for customer support
  • We do not charge for each GB of used data transfer.
  • Our Cloud services are semi-managed, easy to set up, to understand & use
  • Most importantly, with you have full control over your Cloud service bill

CPU: 1 CPU Core (2.5 GHz or higher)
RAM: 2 GB RAM (Scale-up)
Data Transfer: 2 TB
Internet Connection: 100 Mbps
SSD Storage: 10 GB enterprise Fault-TolerantStorage
Storage Failover: Yes
SATA Storage Port: 20 GB
Network: Level 3, Cogent, AT&T
IPv4: 1 Dedicated IP address
IPv6: Yes, available at no additional cost
OS: On-Demand
Scalability: Scale-up at any time
High Availability: Add-on service
Cloud Server Failover: Add-on service
Price: $20/month - Signup Now

Why Choose Host Color?
  • Cloud services that features failover on the infrastructure level
  • Redundant network - CenturyLink (Level 3), AT&T, Cogent - with 100% Uptime SLA guarantee
  • Excellent location and Midwestern U.S. data center in Indiana (near Chicago)
  • Powerful resource-rich, server systems
  • 24/7 Support - responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable
  • Fair pricing, risk-free, and quality Cloud IaaS service
  • Significant experience. We host servers since 2000

Host Color is a trusted web hosting provider since 2000. Our data center is located at 746 S Arnold St, South Bend, IN 46619 (90 miles from Chicago). If you need a custom build server configuration, please call 1-574-367-2393 or go to and contact our Sales team! We will work with you to create a custom quote at the best possible price. Please tell us how can we help you!